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As a family owned business for over 40 years, we understand the importance of finding the perfect place for you and yours. We pride ourselves on quality service and knowledge of the market to make all of your hopes about your dream home come true.

Home Building to Home Selling-How it All Got Started!

Back in 1960, H.H “Pap” West and his two sons, W.V. and Rudy West started a family owned business. A building supply store, (West & Sons), and a construction company, (West Construction), were formed to handle the real estate needs in Columbus.  Hundreds of homes were built by this family over the years.  Their slogan, “If It’s  West Built, It’s Best Built”, truly was the reputation of this family owned business.

As the business grew, the need to sell the existing homes of new customers that wanted a newly constructed home, became more apparent.  In 1968, Rudy West acquired his real estate brokerage license and West Realty Company began the third family owned business.  Agents were hired to market these existing and new homes.

The building supply store was sold and the construction company was taken over by Rudy’s two sons, Ronnie & Steve West.   Over the next 15 years, W.V.  and Rudy West, along with another partner, J.T Moore ran a very successful real estate business.  In August of 1984, West Realty Company franchised with Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  W.V. West’s son, Don West,  took over as the Principal Broker of Coldwell Banker West Realty.  Later, he became President of West Realty Company.  The growth was tremendous in listing inventory, sales and agents.

Coldwell Banker West Realty has just surpassed over 40 years with the Coldwell Banker franchise.  The West family name has now been entrusted in real estate sales for over 50 years to many satisfied clients and customers.  The nickname “Pap” will continue on for many years as Don’s nickname for his grandchildren is just that!

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"Don West of Coldwell Banker West Realty of Columbus gives us the in-and-outs of the real estate business as well as how his company got started. If you have any questions about his company or you'd like to know what it takes to work in real estate, Don West is here to tell you everything. Watch now to get all the details!" - On The Beat, YouTube
Check out our new commercial. For all of your real estate needs, “Go West for the Best”.
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